Learn how to say “no.”

Cram that word inside your mouth,
the whole thing, make sure all of it
gets in there. Let it walk on your tongue.
Practice with it in the mirror, push it
out, make faces, learn to love the salt
and bitter of it. Teach it to perch on your lip,
buzz, collect pollen from your sugary gloss.
Make it swarm between your cheeks.

Then, when the days come (there will be
many) where he pushes too hard, speaks
too sweetly, when the hand at your thigh
draws a thump in your stomach, when
the bitch gremlin inside whispers ‘it’s not
worth the fight,’ says you can barter
for your worth tomorrow, when your ribs
shrink, when he unfurls his Almighty Smile,
when four come at you at once, when
you love someone else, when the bar
is closing and your name become ‘Take
What I Can Get,’ when the girls hate you
anyway, when you want him until the burn
if only he wore a different face-

pull back your lips, bare the teeth you have
sharpened to their perfect points, flick
your stinger tongue, set free your swarm.

- "Swarm" by Jeanann Verlee

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The men in Hollywood event is every day—it’s called Hollywood,” said Garner. “Fifty-one percent of the population should not have to have to schedule a special event to celebrate the fact that in an art that tells the story of what it means to be human and alive, we get to play a part…

So for example, my husband and I do kind of the same job, a little bit. Not long ago we both had one of those magical days, we call it a junket, where we both attended these lovely events where people come in every four minutes, they ask the same questions over and over again, you know the drill. We got home at night and we compared notes. And I told him every single person who interviewed me, I mean every single one, and this is true of the red carpet here tonight at Elle, asked me, ‘How do you balance work and family?’ and he said the only thing that people asked him repeatedly was about the tits on the ‘Blurred Lines’ girl, which, for the record if we’re talking about them, they are real and they are fabulous. Take a look and enjoy.

As for work-life balance, he said no one asked him about it that day. As a matter of fact, no one had ever asked him about it. And we do share the same family. Isn’t it time to kinda change that conversation?”

- Jennifer Garner

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"I think we in our culture became women when we made the gradual decision that, even if we didn’t know what womanhood meant or when we had arrived there for sure, all the markers imposed on us were flawed, and we were somehow going to find a way, through whatever struggle it would take, to determine for ourselves the meaning of “becoming women.”"
- Promiscuities by Naomi Wolf

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"We tell girls that what boys do with them is more significant to their maturing than what they themselves choose to do. Instead we should be telling girls what they already know but rarely see affirmed: that the lives they lead inside their own self-contained bodies, the skills they attain through their own concentration and rigor, and the unique phase in their lives during which they may explore boys and eroticism at their own pace-these are magical. And they constitute the entrance point to a life cycle of sexuality that should be held sacred."
- Promiscuities by Naomi Wolf

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"Learning to live as a man of conscience means deciding that your loyalty to the people whom you love is always more important than whatever lingering loyalty you may sometimes feel to other men’s judgment on your manhood."
- bell hooks, All About Love

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It Will Come Back

You know better babe, you know better babe,
Than to smile at me, smile at me like that
You know better babe, you know better babe,
Than to hold me just, hold me just like that.

I know who I am when I’m alone
Something else when I see you
You don’t understand, you should never know
How easy you are to need

Don’t let me in with with no intention to keep me
Jesus Christ! Don’t be kind to me.
Honey don’t feed me - I will come back.

(Source: onemoremoral)

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"I can’t make you any promises.” she said. “I
don’t know how I’ll feel tomorrow. You deserve
better than this. You deserve someone who can
give you something permanent.”

“I don’t care, none of that matters a bit. Don’t
you understand? I’d choose 5 minutes with
you,” I replied, “Over a lifetime with anyone
- Beau Taplin || 5  M i n u t e s (via afadthatlastsforever)

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